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Getting expert advice on HOW to disclose and WHAT JOB ACCOMMODATIONS TO ASK FOR, will preserve your work performance and your peace of mind.


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When Your Health Starts Getting in the Way of Your Job

This course is for you if

  • You’ve been “covering” a health condition at work
  • Your health has recently or progressively become difficult for you to manage
  • You’re working in a position that requires supervising others, or
  • Your role involves Human Resources functions

Benefits for Employees

  • Healing of self-image and restored confidence
  • Open dialogue with employer based on trust
  • Accommodations for optimal job performance secured

Benefits for Employers

  • Resolve disruptions with employee performance
  • Avoid on-boarding cost to replace employee
  • Established the foundation of a solid relationship with employee

Course topics include: What is Disclosure Planning, Legal Protections, Rights & Responsibilities, Risks & Benefits, Accommodations, Decisions to Make, Creating a Courageous Conversation & Future Visioning.

Course participants will walk away with a 5-part formula for building that Courageous Conversation, a clear plan for decision-making and a strong, confident approach to ensuring they get the accommodations they need on the job.